The Marcus Singletary Biography

Marcus Singletary has been compared to many people, and the opinions have veered all over the map. If he looks like a cross between Saddam Hussein and Wesley Snipes, sounds (according to PopMatters) similar to Lindsay Lohan and Ted Nugent, and composes songs resembling tunes from Jesus Christ Superstar and Hair, then at least one of these combinations would make him a right-wing hippie and Iraqi war criminal. But such odd comments from journalists are what led Singletary to state, in a recent interview, "Some critics get it, and some don't."

During that same interview - parts of which were preserved on 2017's
Spirit Dialogues EP, Singletary described his musical beginnings. An early search for vinyl records by the artists who inspired him, initially, allowed him to discover a huge potpourri of styles filtered through groups like Love and the Animals. To him, the most stylistically unique artists who were willing to experiment with their image and sound were most important. It is one of the reasons Singletary, to CNN, described himself as, "progressive."

Some critics, however, have certainly gotten it right. UK-based scribe Simon Smith correctly called Singletary a, "workhorse," while others have commented on his authenticity. Steven Reid of
Sea of Tranquility wrote, "If your musical memory stretches back to the Seventies, then there's a good chance that you'll find something, if not rather a lot to enjoy … With everything from classic rock to disco, boogie to funk and jazz to pop making an appearance. As that list alludes to, the influences blur past thick and fast through the songs, but rather cleverly the end results manage to avoid sounding too close to any one band in particular."

Most folks in entertainment specialize in one or two areas. Singletary has shown far more range than that, playing every instrument on many of his albums, and even casting a wider than ever net with his first fully spoken word project, Daydream Station. There, he is placed in the context of original sketch comedy, proving his creative output, however diverse, mostly builds upon each previous work while capturing the versatility of moods experienced during a human's lifespan.