Marcus Singletary - Sings Country Music Standards and Marcus Singletary Live (Remastered)

Sings Country Music Standards (2013) and Live (2015) by Marcus Singletary have been remastered and reissued as part of a twofer package.  Both were well received, upon release, but have since received enhancement courtesy of the folks over at Los Angeles Mastering.

Each song features Singletary on acoustic guitar, excepting the stage version of Jim Croce's 'You Don't Mess Around With Jim' (on which Singletary plays bass.)  Its live-in-the-studio counterpart, from the country covers disc, hits with true grit, as do Hank Williams' 'You Win Again,' Charley Pride's 'Kiss an Angel Good Morning,' and John Fogerty's 'Proud Mary.'  Sparseness reigns, and Singletary even manages to cover Elvis on the gospel-tinged Guy Fletcher tune 'Just Pretend.'

Sonic improvements have finally allowed the emotional peaks that run throughout sublime cuts like 'Beggar's Anthem,' 'In the Sand,' and 'Science' to stand out and, technically, Singletary rings some interesting sounds out of a Takamine G paired with an expansive effects ensemble.  The fusion-drenched instrumentals 'Cartwheel and Comet' and 'Open for Business' display an interest in the landscapes laid down by such jazz masters as Larry Coryell and John McLaughlin, and 'On the Silver Screen' slices thick air with iridescent enthusiasm.


Produced by Marcus Singletary

Marcus Singletary - Acoustic Guitar, Bass on "You Don't Mess Around With Jim (Live)," Vocals

Bass & Drums on "Live" - Unknown

Recorded at Zebonoj Studios (Studio album) and at various live concerts in Los Angeles, CA (Live album.)

Remastered by Rob Lapkis at LA Mastering