THE SEBHEDRIS EXPERIENCE, a short experimental film directed, edited, produced, and scored by Marcus Singletary, was released March 29, 2020. It combines kaleidoscopic visuals with ambient music.

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Check out Jon Neudorf's review of the soundtrack, Journey to Sebhedris. It was originally published on Sea of Tranquility's website.

"Experimental instrumentalist and sonic tunesmith Marcus Singletary has been at it for a number of years now, not following the latest trends and never compromising his art. I reviewed his 2015 album titled Defiance Science and am quite delighted to delve into his latest offering Journey to Sebhedris. On the album Singletary plays everything himself.

A pulsating electronic keyboard begins “Visionary Heights” and although the song is a bit repetitive, the melodic lines are really quite catchy. On the strangely titled “The Golden Ice Hits the Morning Dew Where It Hurts” is all brooding waves of synthesizers creating a very unsettling and ominous sound. Electronic percussion and beats comingle with gurgling synths on “Tarsus XII”, another slightly unsettling track. 

The first time the guitar is appreciably heard is on the fourth track “Sixteen Steps to Pyramid One” with its outbursts of angular dexterity. Singletary is an excellent player. Just as the last track was all guitar the next one is all organ. “Fanfare for a Funeral” is an experimental offering where the musician’s creativity on the organ shines. The choppy and avant natured “Avaricious Spider” is inundated with cool sounds, heavy beats and a deep bottom end.

Marcus Singletary is an artist whose creativity and musical zeal is unmistakably his own. Let’s just say he follows his own muse. Recommended."






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