MARCUS SINGLETARY goes in search of the great mythical city of Sebhedris

Marcus Singletary's Journey to Sebhedris is far more experimental and freewheeling than the music you normally hear today. It reveals a fondness for atypical avant-gardism, as creepy templates and ominous soundscapes ("Avaricious Spider," "The Golden Ice Hits the Morning Dew Where it Hurts") collide with percussion breakdowns of patchouli import ("Kewis` Malfunction") and breakbeats that rappers would be proud to sample ("Tarsus XII" and the title track.) A spacious piano excursion ("Soliloquy") is dedicated to the memory of John Cage, and all things considered, Journey to Sebhedris defies all trends while challenging the true definition of the term "music."

Also exposed are the subconscious sounds that fester deep within the artist's heart, as each cut was improvised at the time of recording without pre-conceived notions of what would be performed. Those willing to take the trek to the great mythical city of Sebhedris will discover nothing traditional about it. The journey's captain is one of the best improvisers of his generation, jamming with himself and deftly switching back and forth between instruments that, within the context of this album, require true skill to play well.