Marcus Singletary - My Gun's My Guitar


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MY GUN'S MY GUITAR features four concert recordings by Marcus Singletary - "Live on Sunset" (2006), "Live at the Foxx" (2005), "Marcus Singletary Live" (2015), and "The Sonic Admiral - Live!" (2018).

The title is heard within the lyics of Singletary's original composition "On the Silver Screen." Contents include Singletary-penned cuts such as "Shame," "The Music's Playin'," and "Can't Ask for More," renditions of rock classics "Good Lovin'," "Mercury Blues," and "You Don't Mess Around WIth Jim," and six-string showcases "Green Sky Guitar/Sonic Admiral," "Cartwheel and Comet," and "King Astrohead."


The Sonic Admiral - Live!

"Singer/songwriter/guitarist extraordinaire Marcus Singletary is preparing to release his new live album "The Sonic Admiral - Live!" on April 11th. The new 30-minute release kicks off with the high energy of "On The Silver Screen" and the funkiness of "Roll It One More Time." He experiments with the lyrics of "I'd Like To Find Out" and the sonic attack of "Danger Ahead," before returning to rock of "Magic And Carnal Delights." Marcus wraps up his new 12-track live release with his excellent guitar playing during the solo of "Green Sky Guitar/Sonic Admiral" and the rhythm-fueled "Subversive Birds."" -Jim Pasinski, JP's Music Blog

"You have to admire Marcus Singletary’s tenacity, for as soon as one album is recorded and released, it seems that the singer, guitarist, piano and synth player, is straight onto the next one. This time it’s a live offering that’s served up, The Sonic Admiral - Live!, recorded at California’s PharmaFest; a festival which saw ‘growers, smokers and cops all standing together side by side’. With the event being something of an impromptu occasion Singletary quickly teamed up with V’Cenzio ‘Rufus’ Jenkins on bass, San Diego Sanchez on drums and multi-instrumentalists Dick Bobb and Rob Lapkis.

As ever from this idiosyncratic artist, the fare isn’t just varied, it’s almost scattergun in approach, the opening “On The Silver Screen” a catchy piece of rock n’ roll boogie where San Diego’s cymbal smashes over-power and dominate. In between songs the crowd noises feel like they belong in a show from the 60s, the building applause and background rumble that runs behind “Roll It One More Time” giving a strange vibe indeed.  The song itself also feels connected to that era, an organ pulse the focal point for the straight up beats and brass stabs, which leads into the first of the more avant-garde offerings in the shape of “I’d Like To Find Out”. 

Singletary describes these moments as an ‘a cappella vocal landscape, featuring his voice mutated through a TC-Helicon unit’. “Danger Ahead” doesn’t make things much clearer, with apparently the sound of engines building and roaring into explosive force being ‘lapped up’ by the crowd, before “We Trust In Our Leader” - a vocal only arrangement that clearly swipes at current political leaders - elicits some appreciative chuckles, whoops and hollers from the crowd.

“Magic And Carnal Delights” takes us back into more song based territory, a jaunty classic rock vibe keenly laid bare and clearing the way for the blues-rock-shred of “Green Sky Guitar>Sonic Admiral”.  Proving that, for all the dalliances elsewhere, if Marcus Singletary can do one thing, he can sure make his guitar beg for mercy in the most rewarding of fashions. A more avant-prog stance is taken on the jagged “King Astrohead”, whereas “Look Down Fair Moon” is a 28 second spoken piece that leads into the intricately layered vocal excursion of “Comin’ Home To You” and the show closing howl and stomp of “Subversive Blues”, which undoubtedly lives up to its name.

Running to around the 30 minute mark, The Sonic Admiral - Live! is a strong example of the eclectic message music Marcus Singletary specialises in. The sound is rough and raw but in many ways that’s something that sits well with the more obviously rocked up moments ... The more adventurous of you might want to give this a go." -Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility

Marcus Singletary Live (2015)

"Guitar wizard Marcus Singletary has continued to amaze his fans and admirers with his talents for adapting to any musical genre. He has ventured in country, jazz, and funk; but his first love has to be rock music. His guitar playing is extraordinary, especially when he gets lost in a song and blazes a way out with his shredding. His latest release is his first official live album titled simply "Marcus Singletary Live." It is a short nine-song, thirty-minute set that finds Marcus in a close, club-like setting. He plays it save on the first tune of the set "Beggar's Anthem," before experimenting with his sound in "Hallelujah," which ends way too soon. He picks up the tempo with the garage rock appeal of "On The Silver Screen," then locks into the light, airy instrumental "Science." Marcus finally opens up his sound on the six-plus minute, adventurous "Cartwheel And Comet," before heading into a grunge-like cover of Jim Croce's "Don't Mess Around With Jim." -Jim Pasinski, JP's Music Blog

Live on Sunset (2006) & Live at the Foxx (2005)

"Singer/songwriter/guitarist Marcus Singletary...begins with the up-tempo sixties rocker "Best In Me," before heading over to the blues of "Shame." Marcus takes over the keyboard on the retro sounding jam of "The Music's Playin'," before closing with a couple great cover songs. He speeds up "Good Lovin'," channeling his idol Jerry Garcia on the solo, before finishing the show with the blues romp of "Sweet Home Chicago." -Jim Pasinski, JP's Music Blog