Marcus Singletary - Sings Country Music Standards

Sings Country Music Standards is a new beginning for Marcus Singletary, as its unplugged, traditionalist approach returns the artist back to the basics.

Horns, strings, and female vocals are non-existent on seven cuts that encompass the heart of the Heartland ("You Win Again"), the soul of blues' origins ("Muleskinner Blues aka Blue Yodel No. 8"), and modern approaches to older musical forms ("Proud Mary," "You Don't Mess Around With Jim.")  Other songs explore Elvis ("Just Pretend") and outlaw tales ("Folsom Prison Blues.")

Sings Country Music Standards ends with "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" - originally popularized by Charley Pride.  Its chorus of "Kiss an angel good morning / and love her like the devil when you get back home" would have fit in with the concept of Satan's Spawn, but, to Singletary, the recording itself was more experimental in nature.  He says, "Pride was a black guy from the South and, even though I'm only partially "African-American" and not from the South at all, I decided to find out if I could perform the works of someone whose roots and upbringing were totally different from mine apart from the apparent love of baseball and Americana."  You cannot help but admit Marcus Singletary Sings Country Music Standards is a real step towards the performer's transformation into a mainstream artist offering something for everyone, regarding image, personality, and repertoire.

Produced and Engineered by Marcus Singletary

Marcus Singletary - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Recorded at Zebonoj Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Mastered by Rob Lapkis at LA Mastering


"'Singletary is a deft guitarist and also has a strong voice. His clear vocals bring to life just how violent and menacing many roots and roots-influenced songs really are...Fans of traditional and acoustic music may be interested in checking out these new interpretations, still performed organically and from the soul, as they were intended.'" -Dan Berthiaume, AXS