Marcus Singletary - Daydream Station

On Daydream Station, Marcus Singletary turns in comedic parodies influenced by Weird Al, The Kentucky Fried Movie, and SNL. Some sketches have aired on the KCAA Radio version of Singletary's program, Far Out Flavors. Others were  recorded specifically for the project. Topics within this adult-oriented foray include sex in marketing ("Sincock and Nipples"), political contradiction and dubiousness ("Prop. 608"), and entertainment industry greed ("Attack of the Record Men.")  

2016's Subversive Blues presented a day-in-the-life-of-Singletary fantasy sequence. Daydream Station's Singletary character exists within the realm of reality-based satire. "The I.R.S." depicts a meeting between him and the Internal Revenue Service, "Bonnie Wright" features a takedown of Southern lingo via a character that originally debuted on Subversive Blues and, in a manner similar to the Spirit Dialogues EP, "Jim-Bob's Record Shop" discusses modern rock musicology through a whimsical lens. 

Daydream Station proves there is surprising continuity between Marcus Singletary, the musician, and Marcus Singletary, the media personality. It is certainly reflective of a unique viewpoint on the daily grind of the 24-7 news - and life - cycle.


Produced, Performed, and Written by Marcus Singletary

Recorded at Zebonoj Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Mastered by Rob Lapkis at LA Mastering