Marcus Singletary - Live


Produced by Marcus Singletary

Marcus Singletary - Acoustic Guitar, Bass on "You Don't Mess Around WIth Jim," Vocals

Bass and Drums - Unknown

Mastered by Rob Lapkis at LA Mastering


Guitar wizard Marcus Singletary has continued to amaze his fans and admirers with his talents for adapting to any musical genre. He has ventured in country, jazz, and funk; but his first love has to be rock music. His guitar playing is extraordinary, especially when he gets lost in a song and blazes a way out with his shredding. His latest release is his first official live album titled simply "Marcus Singletary Live." It is a short nine-song, thirty-minute set that finds Marcus in a close, club-like setting. He plays it save on the first tune of the set "Beggar's Anthem," before experimenting with his sound in "Hallelujah," which ends way too soon. He picks up the tempo with the garage rock appeal of "On The Silver Screen," then locks into the light, airy instrumental "Science." Marcus finally opens up his sound on the six-plus minute, adventurous "Cartwheel And Comet," before heading into a grunge-like cover of Jim Croce's "Don't Mess Around With Jim." -Jim Pasinski, JP's Music Blog