Marcus Singletary - The Sonic Admiral - Live!

Marcus Singletary's The Sonic Admiral - Live! contains an energetic set of vibrations from California's PharmaFest, an event which, ultimately, found growers, smokers, and cops all standing together side-by-side in peace.

Because of the gig's impromptu nature, Marcus was backed by the members of Soul Bud Stew, a jam band that shared the bill. The musicians include Singletary on guitar, piano, synth, and vocals, V'Cenzio "Rufus" Jenkins on bass, and San Diego Sanchez on drums, augmented by multi-instrumentalists Dick Bobb and Rob Lapkis.

Apart from the expected excitement of the classic rockers, the concert offers plenty of surprises, including a handful of a cappella vocal landscapes featuring Marcus' voice mutated through a TC-Helicon unit, several guitar improvisations ranging, tonally, from introspective ("Green Sky Guitar>Sonic Admiral") to abrasive ("King Astrohead"), and a recitation of poet Walt Whitman's classic Civil War-era composition, "Look Down Fair Moon."

Track Listing:

On the Silver Screen, Roll it OneMore Time, I'd Like to Find Out, Danger Ahead, We Trust in Our Leader, Magic and Carnal Delights, Green Sky Guitar>Sonic Admiral, King Astrohead, Look Down Fair Moon, Comin' Home to You, Subversive Birds